Monday, July 16, 2012

Products We Love: Foldable Flats

Packing light has started to become the new norm for many travelers, so it’s a must to be able to find items that can travel well and still be useful and/or stylish. When I first came upon foldable flats, I wondered how comfortable they would be, especially after wearing torturous high heels for a long time. Of course, anything is better once you take those heels off. I decided to purchase a pair for wearing around the house and on the plane – because if you’re like me, you immediately want to take off your shoes to get comfortable, but you don’t want to go barefoot.

Obviously, you have to make the most of your limited carry-on space and foldable flats are great, because they fit into their own little pouch and can slip into a carry-on pocket or your purse. You can now find them in a bunch of different colors and styles and are the perfect option for slipping on in the morning and browsing the continental breakfast or buffet. Wear them out to dinner when you want to dress up, but you still don’t want to wear “real shoes”. Ballet flats are very on-trend right now, so foldable flats will always make you look stylish and go with almost everything you own.

Another plus? They are pretty affordable. While I wouldn't suggest wearing them to go sightseeing or hiking, these are an option for wearing with your dress-up clothes and saving space in your travel bag. Several pair can fit in the space of one pair of regular shoes, too, so if you have issues with wanting to bring a bunch of shoes, then these could be your answer. I’m loving mine so far and I think you will as well.

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