Friday, March 2, 2012

Travel by Train and Save Big

Welcome to Shereen Travels Cheap UK, the official offshoot of Shereen Travels Cheap that focuses on all things United Kingdom related! Each post will bring you money-saving tips for travel to and within the UK and awesome places (activities, tourist attractions, restaurants, etc.) and products that will help you stretch your budget. Each week you’ll see three (shorter than my average) blog posts – Monday, Wednesday and Friday – that will enable you to plan a better and more affordable trip, get out on a “cheap” day trip or find something new in your own neighborhood. If you like what you see, tell others about it and subscribe via email or the RSS feed.
If you have photos you’d like to share, feel free to email me with a link to a Flickr, Picasa, Shutterfly or similar album. I’ll give credit where credit is due if I use them in a blog post! Bonus points if you also tell me about some great little place you visited and give me details on it. I want this blog to also be as interactive as possible.
For my first post, I found this fantastic website that saves you 50% off activities and more, just by presenting your train ticket! This is fab for those visiting other parts of the UK.
Who doesn’t love discounts? Unless you’re some fancy pants rich person who doesn’t need to save money, I think you’re with me in loving a deal. If travelling by National Rail, then you could get 2-for-1 discounts on top London attractions, theatres, exhibitions, restaurants and more cool stuff. How can that be? Days Out Guide has vouchers you can print out to get these amazing discounts, so you can holiday for cheap.

Using your vouchers are easy. Sign up for a free account on Days Out Guide. Search the county you are traveling in for the perfect activity and then fill out the short voucher application to get your discount! When you are able to print out your 2-for-1 voucher, bring it, along with your train ticket, to present at your attraction of choice and SAVE! Keep more pounds in your pocket, so you can do more or just travel for less.

What kind of awesome attractions are available? What about the London Eye, City Cruises, Benjamin Franklin House, Beatles Bus Tour and Dinosaur Isle? There are hundreds of choices throughout Great Britain, from Aberdeenshire to Yorkshire. Every time you travel, you can see new things for less money. Do the usual tourist stuff and then do some off-the-beaten-track activities your next visits. Pretty great, right? 

Do you experience with Days Out Guide? Did it save you a bundle?

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