Friday, March 16, 2012

Go For a Walk

London Walks has the most diverse tours of London, available any day of the week. Costing £8 per person, they are some of the most affordable tours of the city, covering everything from St. Paul’s Cathedral to Harry Potter. Walk in the steps of John, Paul, George and Ringo with the Beatles’ Walks or taste local brews or cuisine with the Pub and Food Walks. Each outing is roughly one mile, usually has a resting point and lasts for an average of two hours. Fodor’s rates them “the first and best of the walking tour firms”.

Even if you live in the city, this is a great day out and may give you a totally new view of your city for an affordable price. There’s always something to learn, too. You never have to make a reservation. You just turn up at the tour’s starting location, pay your money to the guide and enjoy a stroll around London, learning about the city’s history on themed tours. I am definitely making time in my schedule to take at least a few tours on my next trip, including the Thames Walk where I may find some buried treasure!

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