Monday, June 25, 2012

Discover Your Destination by “Treasure Map”

If you’re into finding non-traditional shops and dining while on holiday and having a great time doing it, then HiddenCity might be for you. Turn your holiday into a scavenger hunt, by signing up for a hunt and getting clues by text message. Your whole travel group can be a team or you can break up into smaller teams to be more competitive. Hunts cost just £16 per team/phone and are available for Brighton, London, Manchester, Newcastle and York. You can see more of each city by engaging in a hunt or even learn more about your own neighborhood with a variety of hunts for each city.

Each hunt has between 8 and 22 clues and can range from 2 to 4 hours. Solve the clues to get the next clue and get to your final destination and learn about awesome places that you may not find on your own when you visit. Get an answer incorrect? Incur a time penalty. Get a hint in addition for a short time penalty. HiddenCity is a fun way to sightsee and interact with the locals, too. You won’t find a more engaging way to explore a city. It’s a perfect way to make any holiday in the UK more exciting, especially when you have kids, because it will help them learn about your destination, while also having a great time.

HiddenCity locations are easy to walk to and free to enter, so you won’t have to pay more than your initial £16/team and any text message fees. Make sure to wear your best walking shoes. You don’t have a time limit to complete your hunt either, so if you want to hang around a location and get a pint or have a look around, you are free to do so at your leisure. Of course, if you’re in competition with another team, you may want to finish and come back to it after you win. Think someone you know might like to participate in a hunt? Buy them a HiddenCity gift voucher!

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