Monday, June 11, 2012

Visiting Shakespeare’s Globe

To go or not to go, that should not be a question. If you are a fan of the Bard, then the Globe should be on your list of attractions to visit whilst in London. Though the original Globe burnt down, the pallets that were undamaged were used to help build the one that stands today. Not only do they give amazing tours, but in the warmer months you can actually take in one of Shakespeare’s plays and view it just as they did in his time. Of course, the seating may be a bit more comfortable and you would actually be able to afford to sit on something, so probably not exactly the same, but similar.

Learn the ins and outs of the different levels of the stage and where royalty sat during performances. You will also be educated on the history of the theater and be shown things that were changed as safety regulations have come into play. Within the attached building, you can check out the exhibition. See a timeline of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets as well as paintings, books and a gift shop (because every good attraction needs one).

Once you exit the exhibition and tour, take a trip around the corner to the Swan and grab a bite to eat – either from the café menu or take in afternoon tea. If your plans include watching a production, make reservations for pre- or post-theatre dining and enjoy some very affordable and delicious dishes.

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