Monday, August 13, 2012

5 Places to View the London Skyline for Less

So, everyone knows that they can get an amazing view of the skyline of England’s capital from the famous London Eye, but queues can be long and admission is a bit expensive. Why not check out amazing views for less from some of these places?

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1.       Tower Bridge Exhibition. The walkways above the bridge give a great view of London from both directions. See the Tower of London, boats on the Thames and so much more including the London Eye.
2.      National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Go to the top and see amazing views over Westminster. It’s also FREE.
3.      OXO Tower. The 8th floor viewing platform is a fab place to get some photos of the London scenery. If you’re ready to hang out and relax, you can grab a bite to eat in the restaurant or a drink at the bar.
4.      Lewisham’s Telegraph Hill. Another freebie. Climb to the top of Telegraph Hill for panoramic views of London. This is the perfect place to bring a picnic and your camera.
5.      London Zoo. If you’re going there anyway, on a clear day you can get some nice views of Central London…and a collection of lovely animals.

Do you have a favorite place to see the London landscape?

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