Friday, August 10, 2012

Let Me Plan Your Trips!

Do you hate planning your vacations (like what you will do, where to eat and where to go) or just don’t have the time to research anything other than airfare? Why not let me do it for you. You choose how much you want to do, give me a budget you have to work with, tell me what dates you are traveling and what kinds of things you like to do and I’ll come up with a bunch of options for you to approve or deny that I can work around to come up with more things to add to your selections and then build you a custom itinerary. All you have to do is buy tickets or make reservations and go do it! Simple, right? I can even help you find a hotel!
Need budget ideas for where or when to go, I can definitely help you out there, too. Here are the things I can do for you:
·    Give you great hotel recommendations – if you need or want one – based on your budget and
·      Create an awesome list of things to see and do, including tours, activities, festivals and not-to-miss attractions.
·        You choose what sounds good and what doesn’t from the ideas I give you.
·        Build you a totally amazing customized itinerary for your whole trip based on what you choose from my list of great finds and ideas. (Have specific stores you want to visit, too? Let me know, so you don’t waste time going back when you were in the neighborhood doing something else on another day!)
·    Give you dining recommendations for each day out built into your itinerary, because you’re gonna want to eat and you’re gonna want a plan for wherever you are when you get hungry. (Don’t worry, I’ll give you some budget dining tips and you can tell me what kinds of food you like!)
·      Send you full instructions on how to get the best deal on the amazing things you chose, so you can quickly buy tickets and book reservations for your trip without wasting time researching it all. Yup, I’m wonderful like that!
Your custom itinerary will be be delivered within 2 weeks of final emails confirming which type of activities you (and your family/travel companion) like and dislike. (Approximate prices in GBP is £5 | £16 | £32)

Does £32  seem like a lot of money for having someone plan your trip? Between the money and time I will save you, that will be a drop in the bucket! Got questions on how this all works? Send me an email.

Custom Travel Planning

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