Friday, August 17, 2012

Three Great Travel Apps for the UK

Even though Britain is not huge, it can still be tough to find your way around or plan a holiday without some help.

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What better help than Britain’s favorite footballer, David Beckham? Okay, there’s probably a lot more qualified travel advisors, but he’s a traveler and knows what he likes. He also loves his country enough to tell the Olympic coordinators that they should let an actual Olympian carry the torch instead of him. Imagine that! Beautiful and humble. Anyway, The Best of Britain App is a great download for those that want valuable information and also a peek at what Beckham loves most about it. His top 10 is only a small part of a very awesome app.

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Want to visit London without missing a thing? Then you’ll want to go download the free London Official City Guide App. Not only will it show you the best of the best in town, you’ll also get alerts on deals, special events and secret happenings going on. It’s like you’re totally in the know!

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Not specifically for the UK, the Arounder Touch App allows you to sightsee without getting off the couch! Of course, seeing the amazing places you COULD be going will be motivation enough with this app that gives you 360 degree views of famous visitor attractions. See museums, cathedrals, views from mountaintops and more, then start planning your own trip to go there or somewhere new that you can take your own videos of.

Do you have a favorite travel app that you’d like to share?

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