Friday, April 20, 2012

Appetise: When Your Appetite is Talking

There are times, even on holiday, that I just feel like going back to my room and curling up with a book or in front of the telly. My feet ache and I’m sick of looking at people and I want to snuggle up in a blanket and wait to emerge until the next day. Of course, this isn’t useful if I’m also hungry. Usually, it means I have to pull on some decent looking clothes, look presentable and go out to get something. Do you ever have this problem? Cue Appetise. Browse hundreds of restaurants across the UK and order your meal right online. Convenient! You don’t even have to talk to anyone.

You can pay by credit card online when you finalise your order or pay cash when the food is delivered. It’s takeaway without the trouble! Some restaurants charge a small delivery fee, yet others charge nothing at all. On top of it all, Appetise is completely free to use. Restaurants are being added all the time and delivery areas are expanding as well. While you can easily order food in most regions, from Bath to Worcester, there are still some places where Appetise isn’t available…yet.

So, when you don’t feel like going out or just don’t feel like cooking, hop onto Appetise and search for some delicious takeaway from your favorite restaurants – or one you haven’t tried yet. Many restaurants offer specials and discounts, too, so no matter what, you’re a winner, and soon, no longer hungry.

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