Friday, April 6, 2012

Do You Have The Time?

Doesn’t the Prime Meridian sound cool? Like it’s something out of a sci-fi movie that the villain is trying to steal in order to take over the world? Unfortunately, it isn’t something so spectacular, but it’s still something I recommend to anyone planning a trip to London (or for those who live in London to go check out). Take the tube or river boat to Greenwich and check out the Greenwich Observatory. Not only does it tell you all about time zones, but this is where all time zones originate from. Ever wondered what GMT stood for? Well, it stands for Greenwich Mean Time. GMT is the time all other time is figured upon. Greenwich Mean Time is the only time that matters. In Portland, we are GMT -8.

While there are some really amazing other things to be found in Greenwich, you’ll want to make sure you wander outside the observatory and stand on the actual Prime Meridian. Put one foot on each side and you’re standing in both the eastern and western hemisphere at once! In fact, what’s even more interesting is that you are standing at 0. 0 degrees longitude, 0 degrees latitude. Does that mean you’re also somewhere and nowhere all at once? Maybe! It’s even free to do, so why not? Don’t forget to bring your camera. Get photographic proof of your existence, as well as beautiful views of the grounds and London.

Visit the first shop in the world on your way to or from the boat or tube station.

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