Monday, April 16, 2012

Guest Post: The Best Underground Attractions of Wales

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Wales is a small, very mountainous country located to the West of Britain. It has a rich history and a population of about three million people. The main languages spoken are Welsh and English. As a tourist destination, one of the most popular areas of interest are the underground attractions of Wales which are twelve in number. They include old mines, a hydro-electric station and a river tour, among others. A trip to Wales can be very exciting for those who love exploring the underground world.

Electric Mountain is located right on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. What you can do is take a tour round Dinorwig Power Station which goes into the Elidir Mountain. You will get to see a comprehensive display of the history and development of hydro-electricity. There is also a natural science exhibition that explains the history of Snowdonia and the geological history of the many mountains in Wales and how they were formed during Ice Age. You also see the massive manmade cavern which is in the deep underground of Elidir Mountain. This tour is one of the most fascinating underground attractions of Wales as it is entertaining as well as educative.

Sygun Copper Mine is located in the Beddgelert village in the Gwynant Valley which lies squarely in the heart of Snowdonia National Park. The tunnels and caves will allow you to explore the old copper mines. They have been restored to allow visitors to explore them but the restoration has not taken away the originality of the mines. The caves have since then formed beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations which are tinted by iron oxide. These form a great opportunity to take photographs which can form interesting art pieces for you. In addition to the tour in the mines, you can also take part in panning for gold, archery, pottery painting, metal detection of old coins, an adventure playground with a bouncy castle.

King Arthur's Labyrinth & Bards' Quest is an exciting story telling tour and is one of the more popular underground attractions of Wales as it caters to both children and adults in a highly entertaining manner. It is located in Corris at the Braich Goch Slate Mines. You take a boat ride underground on a river which will take you through a waterfall into the Labyrinth. As you take the journey, you will be regaled with tales of the well-known King Arthur and other stories of famous Welsh legends.

The stories are told with accompanying sound effects and lighting. The tour is good in all-weather because when it is hot, it is dry in the underground labyrinth and when it is wet, it is dry. There are beautiful crafts at the Corris Craft Centre which you can purchase and the Crochan café serves delicious Welsh meals in addition to having outdoor seating which gives you a huge appetite from all the fresh air. The underground attractions of Wales will be a fun and exciting way for you to explore the rich historical and geological attractions that Wales has to offer.

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