Monday, April 9, 2012

Wake Up in a Whole New Country

Wouldn’t you love to go to sleep in London and wake up Glasgow, or the other way round? Cue the Megabus sleeper coach that is not just convenient, but it’s also affordable. Cheaper than flying, and less inconvenient than driving yourself, because you can sleep the entire way, wake up refreshed and get to seeing the sights. There’s only room for two dozen happy travelers on each of the three refurbished sleeper coaches, but the 8 hour ride will fly by, because each journey takes place overnight.

Get your own sleeping berth to snooze in from £1-40, which includes an overnight pack full up with goodies: toothbrush, toothpaste, a bottle of water, an eye mask and a luggage label. Plus your berth is outfitted with a reading light, electrical outlet, privacy curtain, duvet, pillow and blanket and the whole bus has WiFi, so if you can’t sleep, you can check email, surf the net or blog about how fab the bus is! There is also a loo and refreshments available to passengers.

Cheaper seats/berths/tickets are reserved for those that purchase in advance, so the longer you wait, the less budget it is, but buses run 7 days per week, so you can conveniently travel between England and Scotland and still get home in time to make it to work that same day. What a great idea for business and budget travelers alike! Another plus to traveling overnight by bus? It’s more Earth friendly. And I bet you never felt this rested after any flight.

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